C’est Moi Jewels presents the ‘Forever Locked’ bracelet, a 14karat bracelet with a permanent lock made from recycled and ethical gold.

The ‘Forever Locked’ bracelet is one of the world's first piece of jewelry to come with a permanent lock. The Forever Locked bracelet has been featured in all the great magazines as; LINDA, Beau Monde, Grazia, Marie-Claire, Nouveau, Wendy and well known Dutch celebrities are wearing the bracelet like Monica Geuze, Kelly Weekers, Annekee Molenaar, Lieke van Lexmond, Leontine Ruiters, Quinty Trustfull and many more.

Wear this unique bracelet together with your loved ones, or wear your loved one(s) close to you with this precious jewel.

*note the forever locked bracelet is a protected model we have patent / octrooi*

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