About C'est Moi Jewels

C’est Moi Jewels is a Dutch fine jewellery brand offering signature pieces that compete on high price-quality ratio. Founded by entrepreneur Art Jagesar, C’est Moi Jewels pieces are made from both 14 karat and 18 karat pink, yellow and white gold with diamonds. Collections consist of rings, necklaces and bracelets with a variety of customization options available for the consumer.

With an emphasis on in-house designs created by Art  herself, C’est Moi Jewels pieces are “inspired by the brilliance and splendor of the world’s most radiant personalities,” C’est Moi Jewels aims to create a “timeless luxury” concept for both women and men that “stands out in price and quality.” Thus, C’est Moi Jewels offers “on-demand at a competitive price.”

C’est Moi Jewels pieces are created to “enrich any style”, prioritizing wearability, variety and convenience. The designs and customization options are aimed to complement the lifestyles of customers and their “dynamic, unique” personalities and identities.

In August 2021, C’est Moi Jewels launched the Forever Locked collection, a product innovation with a patented permanent lock. In two months time the Forever Locked bracelet has gone huge over all the big media with magazines like Marie Claire, Beau Monde, Grazia , LINDA and much more to come. 

Creative Director Art says : “ Isn't amazing to see how you can bring people together with such a beautiful piece of jewelry which is timeless luxury”


Meet the face behind the brand

"Thank you for choosing C’est Moi Jewels. I know that you will enjoy wearing your beautiful, distinct new jewelry as much as I enjoyed creating it. Isn’t it nice to have a piece where functionality, style and exclusivity come together? Fine jewelry made for milestones."