Forever Locked

Forever Locked
For every age, every gender, for everyone, across borders...the world's first unique 14karat gold ethical  forever locked golden bracelet with Tracemark and patent.

Once the bracelet is locked it’s permanently closed, you and your loved ones are connected forever. Each bracelet has its own Tracemark and unique number, which will be visible by scanning the QR code by phone.

The most precious, unique and personal jewel especially designed for you, share your precious moments in life with this bracelet.

You and your loved ones must be gold, seal this with the bracelet that will not fade away and make memories come alive again generation after generation…

How does it work?  

  • Select your wrist size;
  • Select your lock: oval plain,oval diamond, heart plain, heart diamond, star plain or star diamond;
  • Select finishing lock: engraved lock with initials or name,  fingerprint lock or ash in the lock.

Tracemark is the first company in the world able to provide complete traceability of a piece of jewelry and its materials. 

We certify recycled and ethical gold from RJC CoC refineries. Recycled gold is much more sustainable, with a carbon footprint 1% of that of mined gold. Tracemark empowers you with the information that you need to align your buying decisions with a positive impact on society and the environment.

We certify natural diamonds that have been traced from beginning to end: from the mining company to the end consumer, guaranteeing responsible sourcing and that ethical standards have been upheld across the entire supply chain. 

How does Tracemark work?

  1. Purchase of a piece with Tracemark traceability. Each piece of bracelet comes with a unique alphanumeric code engraved directly on to the bracelet and a tag with QR code. 
  2. Scan the Tracemark tag using a mobile device, or enter the unique alphanumeric code on Tracemark’s website. 
  3. Access the Traceability Panel. The panel shows a product description and detailed unique information about raw materials and production processes. The panel also allows you to download relevant certifications and your Tracemark ID.

Tracemark ID: Identification, sharing and security
You can download a unique Tracemark ID for the bracelet  in Passbook format directly from the Traceability Panel, registering your ownership of the piece and allowing for the sharing of the piece’s traceability information with friends and family directly from your mobile device. By scanning your own unique QR code.

Security, in the event of theft or loss of the piece, you can present the Tracemark ID to authorities and insurers as identification of the unique piece.